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Jindra HusarikovaJindra Husáriková (Born in Trmice - Ústí nad Labem on 14 April 1931)

Academic Painter



1946 – 1949 State Ceramic School in Teplice

1949 – 1954 Applied Art College in Prague


Between mid sixties and mid seventies she lived and worked in the Carlsbad Region; since 1976 she has lived and worked in Prague, and since 1987 simultaneously in Prague and in Podebrady. Her main focus has been free-lance painting and her works have been part of numerous public and private art collections at home and abroad. She has been exhibiting since 1959, first at group exbitions, and since 1966 at group and individual exbitions. In 1974 she received gold medal at the International Exhibition of Paintings in Naples (Concorso Internazionale di Pittura Itlaia 2000). In 1980 she was granted the honorary title of Accadimeco Honoris Causa by the international art society Vanvitteli in Naples for her art activities. In 2000 she recevied the Masaryk Art Academy Prize in Prague for creative aktivity in art. The painter Jindra Husáriková certainly is an outstanding personality of Czech painting of the past thirty years. This evaluation is supported with the quality and scope of her to-date achievement, presented for whole period at an impressive number of exhibitions at home and abroad. Since the very beginning she has implemented the programme of opening up for the world generally defined only recently, even though with kind of timeless ethos, an effort to create the best she can, and get it introduced in domestic and major world centres of contemporary art, in Paris, Milan, Munich, Tokyo. If you need a key to Jindra Husáriková´s work, then it can be represented by the classical Horatio´s statement that a painting is like a poem (or you can as well say a painting is like a music composition, or a dance, of course in its specific individuality). And let me add the French definiton of poetry as everything that moves, elevates and enchants. The painter´s individual achievement – poetry of tribute to poetry, is mainly characterised by its extraordinary and infinite imagination and high colour sophistication. She often poetises empiric reality on the brink of imaginary dreams with elements of humour and grotesque using her innate visual wit counterbalanced with pure simplicity. The wealth and potential of Jindra Husáriková´s painting oscillates between dominating visual, formal aspect and existential feeling, between longing for community with people and sense of loneliness and its wealth, between surprise and shyness out of awareness of the mystery of life and phenomena. The author, her personality and artictic achievement could be accounted from many different views and taking many different approaches, by far the best of them being her own paintings. Jaroslav Kučera